How to Use Electric Kettle For Making Tea – Complete Guide

With advancements in technology, there are many appliances that are available in the market. Out of them, an electric kettle is increasing in its popularity as using an best electric kettle is convenient, faster, safer and perfect than a traditional stovetop kettle. A traditional stovetop kettle needs you to monitor the kettle until it is done. With just a switch, you can turn on the electric kettle and boil your water without monitoring it. Some of them even have the auto-off option once the boiling is done. With this facility, an electric kettle is very handy.

Tips to Use Electric Kettle For Making Tea

There are many varieties that are being released in the market including cordless type, and with multipurpose use option. We can boil water, make tea, coffee, or even noodles with a modern electric kettle. In this article, let us see how to use the electric kettle to make tea. There are a lot of many varieties of tea that people prefer to drink. Regular milk tea, Assam tea, green tea, black tea and many more.

Using Milk:

  • You need to first boil water in the electric kettle.
  • Meanwhile, prepare a pot with tea leaves of your choice in it. Use more tea leaves if you need a stronger version of the tea.
  • After boiling the water in the electric kettle for the required time, pour the hot boiling water in the pot of tea leaves. 
  • You need to steep the tea for about 1 to 5 minutes depending on the type of tea that you are using.
  • Once you are done with steeping, slowly add milk to this tea. This milk should be added gradually and make sure to stir the mixture after every addition. Do not add the milk at one go. It will make the tea water.
  • If you are using original tea leaves, then strain the tea through a strainer into a cup. Now add a sweetener of your choice. You can use sugar or honey-based on your preference.

Without Milk:

  • For making tea which doesn’t require milk like green tea, oolong tea or any other tea, first boil the water in an electric kettle.
  • Prepare a pot with tea leaves or a teabag of your preferred flavour. 
  • Now, once the water gets boiled to the required level, pour the boiling water into the pot.
  • Cover the pot with the lid and let it steep for some time. Black tea requires steeping for about 2 minutes, Green tea requires less time maybe a minute, Oolong tea and herbal tea can steep for a longer time. 
  • Once this is done, strain your tea into a teacup and enjoy your tea.
  • You can add a sweetener of your choice if you wish. Honey or sugar is perfect for tea.

For brewing a perfect tea, you need to add the right amount of tea leaves, sweetener, boiling water and milk. If the water is not boiled properly you won’t get proper tea. So, an electric kettle can boil your water to the required temperature so that you can enjoy your tea in the mornings as well as evenings. 

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