Best Electric Kettle For Baby Formula In India 2021

The baby formula needs boiled water, which is both clean, hygienic as well at an optimum temperature which doesn’t create discomfort to the baby. In this article, we have shared the Top 3 Best Electric Kettle for Baby Formula which we hope will help you to select the best kettle for your baby.

Top 3 Electric Kettle For Baby Formula – Price & Review

Preparing the baby formula has never been faster and quicker. With the best kettles provided by us, you can give the best food to your baby, yet at a very pocket-friendly price. We hope that it gives you a nice experience in preparing the baby formula.

#1. Sunflame Cordless Electric Kettle For Baby Formula

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Sunflame Plastic Cordless Electric Kettle is one of the stylish kettles which you can purchase if you are looking forward to the quick heating of the water. You can heat the water faster in the kettle and can use it for preparing the baby formulas. Sunflame is a respectable brand, hence it assures of safety, health, and security. Let us look at some of the best features of the kettle:

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  • Easy to use and smaller in size hence can be carried along with you.
  •  The indicators in the kettle reassure the best heating, hence the quickest too.
  •  Water gets heated in the best environment, hence suitable for your child.


  •  An indication for the alert of the kettle, which can be used to know when the boiling is over.
  •  The capacity of the kettle is more than 1 Litres, thus making it enough for two meals.
  •  Price of the product is very perfect, as per the quality of the material used. 


  • The absence of a pout in the kettle prevents the water from being poured properly.
  • Lesser space, hence, eggs and Maggie cannot be prepared.
  •  It is advised to not boil milk or tea, else the material of the kettle would be damaged. 

#2. iBell 2-Litre Electric Kettle For Baby Formula

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iBell 2-Litre Electric Kettle, which is available in both red and white colours is one of the most attractive kettles that are available. Without the use of any power cords or cables, the kettle can heat up the water to a very high temperature, as well as protects the kettle against empty heating. Looking at some of the best features of this multipurpose electric kettle, we can analyze the product better: 

  • The capacity of the kettle is large, hence the quantity of the liquid heated is enough.
  • Cleaning and carrying of the kettle are easier, compared to others.
  •  The kettle is very light in weight, hence one of the best products available.


  • The kettle stops heating the water for your baby as soon as the temperature is reached.
  • The product has a durability of more than 18 months, making it very strong and reliable.
  •  Faster boiling, hence, your baby need not remain hungry too long.


  • Milk, which is the most important diet for a baby cannot be boiled.
  •  Issues with the plastic have been reported, hence, users need to be careful.

#3. Philips 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle For Baby Formula

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Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle has a very large opening and a very high capacity, thus the amount of water which can be boiled is more. In order to prepare baby food, the kettle can be used to heat both the baby food and the water, unlike the other kettles mentioned in the article which can be used only to boil the water. The kettle is made of stainless steel, thus complete heating of the food material takes place. Let us have a look at a few of the features:

  • The capacity of the kettle is more, thus more food can be prepared at one time and stored.
  • There is not an electric chord which is present in the kettle, hence easily portable.
  •  There is an internal electric element that increases the power of heating. 


  •  The smooth operation of the kettle, as it doesn’t need to be connected to the plug.
  •  Since the outer material is stainless steel, the heating efficiency is more.
  • There is a sensor for the steam, which keeps you aware of the steam generation


  •  The calibration to measure the quantity of water poured in the kettle is absent
  •   You cannot prepare dishes the rice or boil anything else using the kettle.

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