Electric Kettle Price in India 2023 – 2024

Electric Kettles are of great utility. They can really make some of the jobs easy to do and they also save time as well as energy. Imagine using an LPG stove and a big vessel to heat 1 litre of water. Now imagine doing the same in an electric kettle. Doesn’t that feel easy? Well, it is certainly easy and apart from just heating water, there are many other utilities of an electric kettle. Today, the market is flooded with electric kettles and you will find various brands offering the product. You will find the branded electric kettles and you will also find the locally made electric kettles. It is certainly better to buy branded ones.

Top 5 Best Brand Electric Kettle Price

Indian is a market where companies come across price-sensitive customers and well, we all should be price sensitive after all it is the hard-earned money that is being spent on the products. In such a case, the choice of the brand can also be dependent on the price of the electric kettle. To help you while purchasing the electric kettle, we have listed the prices of electric kettles under 1000 in India. These are the generalized prices and you can check out the list below. Let us have a look at some of the best electric kettle brands and we are going to share the pricing details of these brands as well. Check out the information below

Philips Electric Kettle Price In India

One of the most reliable brands in the market is Philips Electric Kettle. The products from Philips are of the best quality and they are also the safest products that you will find in the market. To our delight, Philips also manufactures Electric Kettles but you might find them a little expensive. The starting price of the electric kettles from Philips is Rs 1995 and the most expensive product costs Rs 8995. In between, there are many products that are available from Philips. To give you a perspective, there are 12 kettles available from Philips which you can choose.

This means that you will have a product in the range that you like and you will also have options for these. Be assured that the products from Philips are going to be of the best quality and they will be the safest ones in the market.

Prestige Electric Kettle Price In India

Talking about the next brand in our list, it is again one of the popular brands which are also very reliable. Yes, we are talking about Prestige and the good news is that Prestige also manufactures electric kettle. In terms of the price range, you will find different price range from prestige. The starting price of the electric kettle from Prestige is Rs 700 and they are priced all the way up to Rs 1670. You can find the models with a plastic body and you can also find the models that have a metallic body.

This prestige electric kettle also features a glass body. The capacity will vary from 0.5 L to 1.8 L. So, you can actually get the product that you are looking for. Be assured as the quality of these kettles are great and they yet very affordable.

Pigeon Electric Kettle Price In India

Next on our list is Pigeon and the parent brand for Pigeon is Stovekraft. Pigeon electric kettle is the brand which specializes in the kitchen appliances and in small electrical appliances. So, the electric kettle from Pigeon are easily available in the market and the starting price of these kettles is RS 1092. The most expensive kettle from Pigeon is priced at Rs 1595. The capacity varies from 0.5L to 1.5 L. All these kettles are made of stainless steel and they are also cordless ones.

These kettles come with 1 year standard warranty from the brand and you can certainly choose kettles from Pigeon as well. Overall, these kettles have good quality and they are also loaded with some of the essential safety features which are required for you. 

Kitchoff Electric Kettle Price In India

Another Indian brand on our list is Kitchoff. This is yet another reliable and affordable brand. The products are not overpriced and they are easily available via many e-commerce websites. The starting price of the kettles from Kitchoff is Rs 595 and the most expensive electric kettle from this brand is priced at Rs 999. The capacity of this kitchoff electric kettle varies from 0.5 L to 1.5 L and you will find many models from this brand. One of the top-selling electric kettles from this brand is the one with a wide mouth.

It is a lot easier to clean and these kettles can also help you in making instant noodles. Cleaning remains to be the easiest part for such types of kettles and in our recommendation, if you are looking for an affordable brand then you must really check out the products from this brand.

iBell Electric Kettle Price In India

The last brand on our list is iBell electric kettle and this is yet another affordable brand that you will find in the market. There is a total of 5 products available from this brand. Out of these 5, one is a plastic kettle, one is glass kettle and the other three are made of stainless steel.  The minimum capacity of these kettles is 500 ml and the maximum one that you will find here is 1.8 L. The starting price of electric kettles from this brand is RS 590 and the most expensive product is priced at Rs 1400. The unique part about one such product from this brand is that it doubles up as a cooker.

These are the top Indian brands that you can purchase for the electric kettles. We would recommend you to choose one of these because it is also about your safety. In addition to this, the price range that we have listed is more of a generalized price range and you will find many products from each of the brands. You can go ahead and check out the products in details and choose the one that you like and that fits into your budget.