Stainless Steel vs Glass Electric Kettle: Pros and Cons

Electric Kettles can prove to be a really handy appliance. It can quickly help you in getting hot water and it saves you from the efforts of pouring water in a vessel and heating it. They can certainly make your life a lot easy. Talking about the basic design of the electric kettles, you can find the kettles that are made of stainless steel, glass or even plastic. It may be a little difficult to choose the right electric kettle if you do not know about the pros and cons of each type of glass kettle.

To help you with your purchase, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of stainless steel and glass electric kettle. Just before we conclude, we will also give you an idea about the plastic electric kettles.

So, let us now check out the pros and cons associated with each type of electric kettle.

Glass Electric Kettle

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Glass kettles are one of the most stylish kettles available in the market. The whole design looks very elegant and this is majorly because of the transparent glass body. They are also the safest to use and this is majorly because of the fact that glass kettles use tempered glass which is not easy to break. In our opinion, Glass Kettles are much better than the plastic of stainless steel kettles. Here are the Pros and cons associated with Glass Electric Kettles


  • Glass Kettles are very stylish and they look really modern. It’s like you will fall in love with the design at just a single look.
  • Glass Kettles are made of very high quality glass and there is no need to worry about the corrosion as the glass never corrodes.
  • It is much easier to clean the glass kettles for multiple reasons. The first reason is that since the kettle is transparent, you will be able to notice any kind of build-up very easily which would help you in cleaning it there and then. The second reason is that the glass is not very sticky so that lets you clean any kind of residue.
  • In the glass kettle, you can also monitor the water levels very easily. While making the tea, you can check out the color of the brew and this will give you an idea when to stop.


  • The fact is that the glass kettles are heavy which makes them really difficult to carry. In addition to this, you need to be extra careful with the glass kettles or you may end up shattering the glass.
  • Since the build-up is easily visible, you would need to put in slightly more efforts to clean the glass kettle.
  • From the price perspective, they are a little more expensive when we compare them to the price of stainless steel kettles or the plastic kettles.

These were the pros and cons of using a glass electric kettle. Let us now look at the pros and cons of stainless steel electric kettle. So, here are more details

Glass Electric Kettle

Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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Talking about the stainless steel kettles, these kettles have a design which uses only stainless steel. They are the most popular types available in the market and you will find them easily. The best part is that they are available in various sizes and at the same time, they are also available in a lot of different designs styles. These are highly durable and they are neither very expensive. With many advantages, there are certain disadvantages of the stainless steel electric kettles as well. Let us look at the pros and cons of these stainless steel electric kettles now


  • To begin with, these electric kettles are highly durable because of the metallic construction and at the same time, they are priced quite reasonably. They aren’t very expensive and they are very much within the affordable range.
  • You will be able to find a lot of additional features loaded into these electric kettles and you can also find the cordless and portable models
  • For some of the stainless steel electric kettles, there is a double-walled construction which ensures that the exterior remains completely cool even when you have boiling water inside.
  • These stainless steel kettles are available in various sizes and hence you can easily find something for yourself.


  • If we compare the weight of the stainless steel electric kettles then they fall somewhere between the glass and plastic electric kettles so we can say that they are still a little heavy.
  • It is a little difficult to clean the stainless steel kettle as the build-up is common and there are very few electric kettles that come with a cleanable scale filter.
  • These electric kettles are prone to rusting after long term usage. If that happens then you must replace the kettle immediately.

We have talked about the glass kettles and the stainless steel kettles. It will be slightly unfair if we would not talk about the plastic electric kettles. So, let us quickly check out the details about plastic kettles as well

Plastic Electric Kettle

These kettles are made of BPA free plastic and they are also very durable. You do not have to worry about plastic melting because of the fact that the plastic used is very high quality and high-density plastic. Let us look at more details regarding the pros and cons of Plastic Electric Kettles


  • These kettles are not expensive and they are much more durable than any other type available in the market.
  • They are highly portable and they are also very efficient. You can get them in various sizes as well.
  • These are lightweight and easy to use


  • You need to ensure that you are buying a BPA free model or else it can be a health
  • With time, it may start leaving odor or flavour in the drink which is unpleasant.
  • Also, plastic is prone to scratches while cleaning.


These were all the pros and cons associated with stainless steel and electric kettle. You can easily compare and opt for the one that suits your needs