Best Electric Kettle 1 Litre In India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

As a tea or coffee lover, you know the need to boil milk and water many times throughout the day. This means you would do better with an electric kettle 1 litre capacity one now more than ever. It does not require you to walk to the kitchen and search for a pan to heat water or milk. Just use the electric kettle in any room and plug it in after filling water to watch it brew your black coffee or tea. That simplifies the job and keeps the beverage hot for a long time to come too. 

Best Kettle Electric 1 Litre – Price & Review

We look at a few of the top kettles with 1 ltr capacity in the market and review them out for you. Read along. Listed down below are the seven best 1 litre electric kettle around. 

#1. Inalsa Electric Kettle Select 1350W

Inalsa Electric Kettle Select-1350W with 1 Litre Capacity, (Silver)

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If there is a need for an electric kettle 1 litre, Inalsa Electric Kettle Select 1350W is a great choice. The concealed heating elements provide durability. It is also safe and easy to clean thanks to the jug-styled shape. The light indicator lights up when the water is heating, and it comes with a protective boil dry feature. This automatically turns off when there is no water in the pot. Look for the 2-sensor safety control for double safety during the heating process. The in-built sieve filter gets a lot of appreciation, too, because it allows the easiest filtration of water when you pour it out. The kettle 1 litre will take 3 to 4 minutes to boil a full pot of water. 

Key Features

  • 360 degrees cordless base for easy mobility
  • Scratch-resistant 100% food-graded stainless steel body
  • Easy cleaning because of wide-jug-style mouth
  • Concealed heating elements ensure durable performance
  • Boil dry protection and 2-sensor safety control

#2. Divya 1-litre Electric Kettle 1300Watts

DIVYA 1 Litre Electric Kettle 1300 Watts (Grey)

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If you are specifically looking for a compact 1-litre electric kettle, Divya 1-litre electric kettle 1300 watts is just perfect. The kettle comes with a high-quality thermostat that offers faster heating and a smart heating technique for the 1 litre of water you want to heat. Did we also say that the 360-degree swivel base is there for you to turn it and remove it from the base for pouring? This is a feature that can be great for you to use after turning it off safely. We also know that you would need to ensure the ultimate safety in a 1-litre electric kettle, and so this product comes with an automatic off option. It turns off automatically when the water boils to ensure safety.

Key Features

  • Design helps in containing sufficient water for boiling
  • Elegant design with a firm handle on the side
  • Easy to read gauge level for safe use
  • Automatic turns off with boil-dry protection
  • Time-saving rapid boiling and heating

#3. Maharaja Whiteline Viva 1-Litre Kettle

Maharaja Whiteline Viva 1-Litre Kettle (White/Black)

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You may be wondering which is the best 1-litre kettle India based? The answer is Maharaja Whiteline Viva 1-litre kettle! The product is just for boiling water and not for milk or any other beverages. The best aspect has to be the 1300-watt quick heating, and it means no more waiting for preparing your cup of piping hot coffee or tea. Viva Electric kettle comes with concealed heating elements and a power base. Just make sure to keep this part dry while cleaning. Did we also say that the kettle 1-litre comes with a 360-degree swivel base? It means you can carry it around anywhere with ease and plug it anywhere you want. The durable materials add to the reasons for you to pick this model now. 

Key Features

  • On/Off Indicator for safer handling
  • Lid operation possible by clicking on a button
  • Concealed heating elements to give better heating
  • Ergonomic handle and spout to ensure easy pouring

#4. Cello Electric Kettle 1 Ltr 900, 1200W

Cello Electric Kettle 1 Ltr 900, 1200W

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If you desire a traditional jug-styled electric kettle 1 litre, don’t go from pillar to post. Try Cello Electric Kettle 1-litre for making the best tea, coffees, and other beverages. The stainless steel body gives it a stylish and strong feel with an ergonomically designed handle to ensure no slip. The jug can hold 1 litre of water, and it comes in 1000 to 1200 watts options. So, now you will be able to go for any of these versions to suit your need and heating speed. The electric kettle 1 ltr comes with a swivel base offering 360-degree rotation. This allows for easy movement and with a simple task of plugging and using it anywhere you want.

Key Features

  • On/Off switch on the lid for easy operation
  • Boil dry protection to prevent any accidents
  • Wide mouth allows for easy cleaning
  • Swivel base for easy movement anywhere

#5. Singer Uno 1-Litre Electric Kettle

Singer Uno 1-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)

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You may be looking for some advanced branded 1-litre electric kettle, and this is where Singer Uno 1-Litre Electric Kettle comes into the picture. The product is from the reliable Singer brand that speaks volumes of the way it can be functioning. The kettle comes with a concealed heating element. This will help in swift heating of water and hence is a top choice for everyone. The 360-degree swivel base can heat water anywhere you want. The automatic on and off option can be a perfect functionality since it will save energy when the water is heated. It gets an LED water level indicator to ensure the water is safe within a limit. The easy to pour spout can help in pouring the water safely without spilling anywhere. 

Key Features

  • 1-litre kettle capacity for a quick drink
  • 1200 watts of power for heating
  • Cordless operation to give better mobility
  • Water level window and LED indicator

#6. Cello Electric Kettle 1 Litre Multipurpose 600 B , 1200W, Black

Cello Electric Kettle 1 Ltr 600 B , 1200W, Black

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As an avid drinker of tea, you may want the 1 ltr electric kettle with boil dry and other features. Cello Electric Kettle 1 Ltr offers all these high-end features besides the most fundamental ones. This reassures you of the best heating. The water level indicator comes with automatic protection off function. You will notice that the 1 litre electric kettle comes with an outer plastic body. The interior body is, however, made of stainless steel. This will keep the water heated soon and keep it hot for long. You need not worry if the kettle might fall when you are leaving it on a slippery surface. The anti-skid feet design is sure to keep it safe and stable on the countertop. 

Key Features

  • Boil dry protection for the ultimate safety
  • Push lid opening and a spout to ensure smooth flow
  • No steam tube inside the indicator window
  • Easy to clean stainless steel interiors

#7. Kenstar KKB10C3P-DBH 1-Litre Kettle

Kenstar KKB10C3P-DBH 1-Litre Electric Kettle (White)

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If you are specific about getting the top range of 1-litre electric kettle India based, Kenstar KKB10C3CP –DBH 1-Litre Kettle is a great option since the brand name stands for durability. Moreover, their kettle 1 litre has come with an in-built filter. This is removable to help you get the cleanest liquids, and you can wash it to replace it again for use. The automatic cut-off option can help you save money on energy bills. Know that the dual side water level indicator gives you a better view. The body remains cool even when the water inside is boiling. The concealed heating elements keep the product safe for use by everyone. You will notice that the cord winder keeps neatly tucked in when not in use. 

Key Features

  • Easy lid opening for safer use
  • Glowing LED bulb shows heating inside
  • 360-degree rotational base for easy placing
  • Superior removable filter for cleaner water

Basic Functioning of an Electric Kettle

You may know that it takes a few seconds for the electric kettle to boil water. But that said, doesn’t it pique your interest and urge you to know how it works? If yes, please follow the process. The biggest work happens at the bottom of the kettle, where there is a coil of metal. When you plug in and turn it on, electricity passes to this metal coil or heating element that offers resistance to convert electric energy into heat energy. Through conduction, the heat passes from the coil to water and heats it. Now the next question is how it heats up so fast? The water boils when the saturated vapor pressure equals atmospheric pressure. This is also called the conservation of energy that heats one litre of water faster. These modern-day kettles come with an automatic off switch that prevents any accident. 

Buying Guide For Best 1 ltr Electric Kettle

Capacity – It is easy to come across the 1-litre kettle to even kettles that can hold 1.5 to 1.7 litres of water at a time. This means by heating a 1-litre kettle, you can get two cups of tea. Look for the water level’s maximum and minimum indicator. 

Shapes – There are jug-styled and dome-styled kettles for you to boil water. The dome-styled ones have a lesser capacity, and the jug ones are for more water boiling capacity. The handles are on the side for the jug-styled ones and the top for the dome-styled kettles. 

Speed of Heating – Another crucial factor to consider while buying a kettle is the speed of heating 1 litre of water. It depends on the wattage, and it should ideally be 3KW. This wattage shows that the heating will take less time and even lesser time to boil.

Body – Some kettles weigh less when they are empty and heavy when you pour water. You will come across stainless steel body and glass body for the heavier ones and the plastic body for the lighter ones. If you want a lighter alternative to carrying around, the plastic body ones are the best.

Are Electric Kettles 1 ltr Durable and Cost-effective in the Long Run?

Yes, we understand that you might not want to spend a lot of money every year buying the 1-litre electric kettle. This means you may want to go for a trusted brand to give you the best and the most durable products. You may want to go for something that regularly runs, without giving you much of a hassle and for years too. So, you should go for slightly durable materials. Some products would be made of stainless steel on the whole or even has stainless steel inside. The plastic body by itself is not durable but check if the product has a food-grade plastic body. Some may even have glass interiors and if you are considering the same, go for it. The exteriors should be cool to touch and not get heated up every time you boil water. Check out these basic features as you look for durable materials. 

How is the Speed of Heating Water an Important Factor?

No one likes to wait for the water to heat. You may want to heat water faster, which could be the first reason you look for an electric kettle 1 litre. Several kettles heat water for a maximum of 5 minutes. This is great, but then this heating depends on the quantity. If you are looking for a 1-litre kettle, the heating would be faster. The waiting period would be less than 4 minutes too. Read through the FAQ and product description for the time. Temperature levels would also decide the heating process. But you should remember that higher temperatures may speed up the heating and come with higher power and energy consumption. So, look for temperature ratings and the watts on offer before going for a kettle. Moreover, the temperature can heat the water in a few seconds, too, with ease. 


  1. How to clean an electric kettle 1 litre properly?

Fill an electric kettle 1 litre with three quarters of water and vinegar in equal measure. Turn on the kettle and let it boil, after which, let it cool down. Then throw away the vinegar water and rinse it well until the vinegar smell and taste go away. Wipe it inside out with a dry towel and let it get some air. You may use lemon slice, too, if there is a disclaimer in the kettle telling you not to do the same. 

  1. Can I store water in the kettle?

You should never store water inside the kettle for long. Once you boil some water, use it, and empty the kettle. While buying, you will have to take count of the number of users and then buy the 1-litre electric kettle or more capacity ones. If you are just looking for your personal use, then 1 litre kettle will be sufficient to make a cup of tea or less than that a few times. It will save water too. 

  1. Can I cook pasta or other things in my electric kettle?

You may often hear stories of youngsters living in dorms and hostels doing something of this sort as hacks. But it is advisable to read the product description and detailed FAQ on the page of each electric kettle 1 ltr before doing anything. For all you know, most of the kettles discourage and state that it is just for boiling water and not even milk. In such a case, do not take the risk and simply boil water in it. 

  1. Are electric kettles expensive or affordable?

There are several theories attached to whether electric kettles are cheap or not. The price may vary from the material used in the creation of a kettle to the capacity. Prices may also vary from one brand to other, and we have to admit that the electric kettles with special features and extra purposes might be costlier. But look for brand reliability more than anything else. This should give you an affordable electric kettle, which is also durable. 

Final Words

You will get your choicest electric kettle 1 litre if you do some basic research. These kettles are a saving grace if you want to switch over from your traditional stovetop ones to heat water faster. Moreover, these are the best gift items to give your parent or friend who loves to travel. These 1-litre kettles are perfect for those all-time beverage cravings.  


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