Car Electric Kettle – 3 Best Electric Kettle For Car In India 2024

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#1 AXAR 
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When you usually take your family or friends in a car for long journeys, a cup of hot coffee or tea can easily reduce fatigue and makes everyone more energetic. It’s always better to carry a good portable car electric kettle with you so that you can enjoy coffee and tea while enjoying the surroundings. You can also keep your favourite beverage hot as well. 

Before buying an electric kettle for your car you need to remember few things, that in a car you don’t get a regular electric power supply, the DC battery provides the required power supply needed for various accessories. So most of the kettle used in a car has an input of 12volts and generally, these electric kettles kept on a holder that provided the required power to operate it. Here are few such electric kettles we find in the market. There is various Multipurpose Electric kettle available online let us go through the best kettles for Car.

Best Car Electric Kettle

#1. Teesta 12V Car Charging Electric Kettle 450m

Teesta 12V Car Charging Electric Kettle 450m

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Teesta 12V electric kettle is leak-proof, fully stainless steel body and mini electric kettle for your car. The perfectly designed mug sits snugly in your cars holder and its durable design makes it easier to handle. It comes with a 12V car adaptor and a plastic lid that is tightly fitted with the body so it doesn’t spell the liquid. The holding capacity of the kettle is 450ml. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the product and know our opinion about it.


  • Full stainless steel body
  • Easy to  maintain
  • Easy open twist top
  • Double-wall design


  • None so far

#2. Generic Universal Car Heater Mug With Car/USB charger 500ml

Generic Universal Car Heater Mug With Car/USB charger 500ml


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Now take your coffee or tea with you or make your own while travelling in your car, with the help of Generic electric car mug you can do these things with minimum effort. It comes with a 12v car socket as well as a 6V USB socket, and its 500ml capacity always provides you with enough beverage to drink and enjoy your riding. Here are a few things we loved most about the product,


  • 12/6 v option 
  • Sturdy material 


  • A minimum period of warranty

#3. Electomania 12V Car charging Electric Kettle 450ml

Electomania 12V Car charging Electric Kettle 450ml

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Looking for a low priced electric kettle for your car, your search might end here. With the Electomania 12v best electric kettle, your favourite beverage will always be hot and warm while you are driving your car. This stainless steel kettle offers you a 450ml of hot beverage anytime and anywhere. Some of the features of the kettle that we like most, 


  • Double Coated Stainless steel body
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Vehicular power cord
  • Thermostat function


  • Low heating temperature ( Upto 65 degree only )
  • Lesser reviews