Best Electric Kettle For Coffee In India 2024

Buying an electric kettle is always a tough decision to make. An electric kettle helps in reducing the time needed to cook the food and also helps in maintaining a healthy eating habit. In the article, we have listed down top 3 Best Electric Kettle for Coffee that can help you to choose the best kettle as per your needs.

Top 3 Best Electric Kettle For Coffee – Price & Review

There can be no better substitute for coffee to be a stress buster. Make the best coffee by using one of the kettles given in our article and do write to us about the experience with your first sip of coffee. 

#1. AGARO Galaxy Electric Kettle with Keep Warm Function

AGARO Galaxy Electric Kettle

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AGARO Galaxy with a capacity of more than 1.5 L is the fastest kettle if you are looking to make coffee. With a compact design and smaller size, the kettle can be easily carried along with you. The kettle has a bigger mouth, which makes it easy to add water and milk into the kettle as well as the pouring from the kettle is easier. Let us look at a few of the features:

  •  Excellent design of the kettle, easier to carry.
  •  Overall heating of the coffee within the kettle from all the directions.
  •  Alert for the completion of the heating and preparation of the coffee.


  • Double Wall Design with BPA free plastic and glass body
  • Bi-coloured LED and 24 hours Keep Warm Function
  • Auto Shut off and dry boiling protection
  • Detachable power base for cord free serving
  • Power: 1355 Watts, 2 years warranty

#2. KENT 16023 Electric Glass Kettle

KENT 16023 Electric Glass Kettle

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KENT Electric Kettle is wonderfully designed to prepare coffee and tea. With a wonderful spout with sieves in the spout, it prevents the coffee beans or the tea leaves to drain from the kettle. The kettle is made up of glass steel, hence the heat conduction from the kettle is equivalently good and recommendable. Let us capture some of the best features of the kettle:

  • 360 degree rotation of body along with detachable power base
  • clean wipe the kettle with a soft cloth to clean it up
  • Borosilicate glass body with concealed heating element with stainless steel cover


  •  Boil Dry Protection
  • Rotatable And Detachable Base
  • Single Hand Operation, Cordless, Overheat Protection
  • Concealed Heating, Automatic Shut-Off
  • Indicator Light, Water Level Indicator
  • Hinged Lid

#3. Wipro Vesta 1.8 Litre Cool Touch Electric Kettle

wipro Vesta 1.8 Litre Cool Touch

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Wipro Vesta Stainless Steel 1.8-litre Multipurpose Electric Kettle has one of the best heat conduction amongst the other kettles which are available. The kettle allows for the complete preparing of the coffee within the kettle, which reduces the time to heat significantly. Let us look at some of the best features of the product:

  • Black Kettle with cool touch function enabled by double layer protection
  •  A compact design of the kettle from the outside, but the wonderful capacity of the kettle, from inside.
  • Boils water within minutes for 5-6 people at a time that could also be used to make tea , coffee or instant noodles/ Soup etc


  •  Detachable Base
  • Cool Touch Exterior
  • Dry Boil Protection
  • Double Wall Safety
  • Elegant  Black Design